Data Skybridge

Connect Evidence Pad from your iPhone to Digital Evidence Manager


VeriPic’s Data Skybridge™ / Evidence Pad™

The VeriPic Data Skybridge™ used with VeriPic’s Evidence Pad™, connects your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to your Digital Evidence Management® system using any available internet connection (3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hot Spot). It allows the transmission of digital evidence (Video, Audio, Notes, Photos) from an iPad or iPhone to the DEM System without the need for a VPN connection. Evidence Data transfers are secured.

Data transfers are unlimited with no additional data fees from VeriPic (additional charges from your ISP or other service suppliers may apply depending on your plan, location or circumstances). Plans are available based on no contract length or 2 to 5 year terms.

About VeriPic’s Data Skybridge™
  • Connects to VeriPic’s Digital Evidence Management® system via any available internet connection
  • Works with 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Internet Hot Spots to allow evidence upload to your server from locations where you are able to get an internet connection
  • Flat monthly fee without charges from VeriPic for the amount of data transferred*
  • Simple payment plans:
  • $12 per user / month (no contract, cancel at any time)
  • $11 per user / month (2 year prepaid contract)
  • $10 per user / month (5 year prepaid contract)


About VeriPic’s Evidence Pad™ Mobile App
  • Capture Video, Audio, Photos and Notes using your iPhone or iPad devices
  • Upload evidence to VeriPic’s Digital Evidence Manager system
  • After upload, the iPhone or iPad device memory is automatically cleaned of the evidence files reducing the possibility that the iPhone or iPad would be discoverable in litigation
  • Evidence Pad™ is compatible with all iOS based devices such as iPad and iPhone


*Unlimited data transfer without extra data fees from VeriPic. Your internet or cellular provider may or may not charge for additional fees depending on the nature of your contract with your internet or cellular provider.