Evidence Pad

VeriPic’s Evidence Pad Mobile App makes capturing and managing
digital evidence capable while in the field.

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Officers can now capture and record evidence with their Apple mobile devices. With VeriPic’s Evidence Pad™ Mobile App, law enforcement can use their iPhones or iPads to conveniently collect audio and video recordings, take photos and document notes without being in the office.

Evidence Pad Mobile App

Create and Sync Notes in the Field

Create and sync notes for videos, photos, and audio statements captured using VeriPic’s Evidence Pad Mobile App. Use Evidence Pad to document the crime scene in the field or an incident when it occurs, rather than waiting until you get to the office. Available for iPhones and iPads.

Prevent Your Phone from Becoming Evidence

Evidence Pad removes all traces of files captured within it once they are submitted to
Digital Evidence Manager.

Import Directly into Digital Evidence Manager

Import files and notes captured with Evidence Pad directly into Digital Evidence Manager while in the field.

Camera Agnostic

Compatible with Body Worn Cameras

Create and Sync Notes in the field from Evidence Pad for body worn cameras you are using with the VeriPic Locker. Use with cameras purchased from VeriPic and other venders.