Evidence Pad

VeriPic has made iPhones and iPads more useful for Law Enforcement!


VeriPic’s Evidence Pad™ Mobile App

Officers can now capture and record evidence with their Apple mobile devices! With VeriPic’s Evidence Pad™ App, your officers can use their iPhones or iPads to conveniently collect audio and video recordings, take photos and document notes while in the field.

Reduces the possibility that your phone becomes evidence after using it to capture crime scene evidence.
  • With standard mobile apps, traces of deleted files are left behind, causing your phone to potentially become discoverable as evidence in a case. With VeriPic’s Evidence Pad, all traces of evidence are removed after capture and transmission through the app to your Digital Evidence Manager® system.
Functions conveniently with your VeriPic® Digital Evidence Manager®.
  • Continue to have the same great work efficiency and evidence integrity you already have with VeriPic. Evidence Pad™ enables officers to transfer evidence files captured through the app from your phone into your Digital Evidence Manager system.
Enables Secure, Easy Transfer of Evidence Wirelessly.
  • Securely transmit your data through any internet connection with VeriPic’s Data Skybridge™. Get the benefit of using your phone’s Wi-Fi or Cellular connection to transmit your evidence without the security worry.