Which is better, Authentication or “Acquisition Authentication”?

In dealing with digital photos, “Acquisition Authentication” refers to knowing that a photo has not changed starting from when it enters the computer moving forward. Authentication means knowing that a file hasn’t changed from when the camera took the picture moving forward. Knowing a photo is authentic from the time you put it into the system is a half-measure.  True authentication is proving originality over the entire life of the evidence, back to the time the actual picture was taken. VeriPic has True Authentication, and we understand that half-measures are unacceptable when it comes to securing digital evidence. When talking to a vendor, ask if they can detect edits made to the photo between the time the camera took the photo and when it is ultimately imported into the vendor’s system

Does encryption damage photos?

Encryption is a common, non-proprietary method of protecting data. It is used across many different industries for vast amounts of different data. If encryption damaged data it wouldn’t be in use today. A reason it may not be offered by a vendor is that encryption can greatly slow down the performance of a system if not optimized correctly. VeriPic’s encryption has been engineered to be lightning-fast with no loss of security.

Does your software “hold data hostage” in a proprietary format?

Absolutely not. VeriPic believes in keeping data byte-for-byte untouched and original. Our advanced software has methods of enhancing images without changing the actual file, and without creating messy duplicates, allowing you to enhance your evidence but never compromise it. Creating duplicate files is a serious security breach. In VeriPic your evidence is protected but not imprisoned, and always exportable and burnable by users. Prove it for yourself. You can use any third party file and byte comparison software to see that the files exported from VeriPic are identical to the files that went in.

How does the annual maintenance fee benefit you?

Your yearly maintenance supports the future of your investment. It allows our team to tirelessly improve our product and our service to you, and to allocate the necessary resources to assure that your system runs as good as the day it was installed. One benefit of VeriPic’s large customer base is that hundreds of customers all contribute to the maintenance of the product which maximizes the benefit for all of VeriPic’s customers.