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Implementation of Body Worn Cameras is a new trend for the Law Enforcement industry. Pushed by the population and higher political entities, this new fashion is generally perceived has having a positive impact on society. However, the implementation process can be a real struggle for Public Safety organizations and the different actors of the process.

VeriPic is dedicated to helping Public Safety organisations through this new step the general population is requiring. Partnering with the main Body Worn Cameras manufacturers and hundreds of agencies around the country, we have developed seamless solutions enabling law enforcement professional to smoothly cruse through the process of Body Worn Camera implementation.

We provide expert guidance and solutions dedicated to serving public safety. We continuously innovate to provide state-of-the-art solutions as technology and mandates advance. We ensure that our innovations are tested and proven so that the solutions are easy to use, intuitive, and work when our customers need them most. We provide exceptional customer service with products and technical support public safety can depend on.


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Body Worn Cameras

Smoothing the implementation of Body Worn Cameras is our main goal at VeriPic. Providing expert guidance acquired through years of experience and tight partnerships, we put our knowledge at the service of our customers. Partnering with the main Body Worn Camera manufacturers, we enable Law Enforcement agencies to use the gear that is right for them while taking advantage of the most comprehensive Evidence Management solutions available to date.


Experience will always make a difference

We know the issues Public Safety face when handling evidence because of our many years of listening and developing solutions specifically built to resolve those issues. Because of our years of experience in working with Public Safety and proven success in resolving evidentiary issues, we are experts in fulfilling your evidence needs.



No Challenge is too Big or too Small

Our customer base ranges from single agency installations that consist of seven employees to county-wide installations where thousands of public safety professionals use our evidentiary solutions to accomplish the critical task of their job daily. So, whether you are a small agency trying to find one or a few solutions that meet your needs or a large agency vast array of needs, we can help.


We Know Process Matters

We understand that SOP and how you accomplish your work day-to-day matters. Whether its how you collect and store the evidence, access and share the evidence later, work your case, or take your case to court, every step and procedure matters when you want successful outcomes driven from the evidence you have. So, we’ve built our products with that in mind so that they can fit your procedures, rather than you conforming to our software.