How To Buy

VeriPic products are easy to purchase and easy to deploy. VeriPic and its regional dealers are full service organizations and will take care of you every step of the way including:

  • Initial product information and education
  • Installation and configuration
  • Support by VeriPic directly and through its dealer network
  • 5 options for training:
  • Web meeting based (our most popular option)
  • Self-learning through our YouTube channel
  • On-site classroom based training at your facility
  • Classroom based training at VeriPic Headquarters in California
  • Annual conference of VeriPic customers

Which VeriPic product is right for you?

The chart below shows which licenses are recommended based on each person’s assigned duty.

The VeriPic Locker stores the raw data coming from Body Worn Cameras. The VeriPic Locker is only necessary for the staff members that are issued Body Worn Cameras.

The Digital Evidence Manager processes all digital evidence whether it comes from BWC or other sources such as Smart Phones and digital still cameras.

Assigned Duty VeriPic Locker Digital Evidence Manager Mugshot Interview Room System Barcode System VeriPic Reports Login
Chief of Police X X X X X X
Deputy Chief X X X X X X
Captain (with Body Worn Camera) X X X X X X
Captain (no Camera) X X X X X
Detective (with Body Worn Camera) X X X X
Detective (no Body Worn Camera) X X X
Patrol Officer X
Crime Lab Technician X X
Evidence Room Personnel X X
Booking Personnel X
Records Clerk X

You can purchase VeriPic products directly by contacting us at 888-737-4742 or clicking the link below:

We also offer financing for qualifying government agencies and corporations

You can also purchase VeriPic products along with compatible products such as Body Worn Cameras, In-car Video Systems, Interview Room Systems by contacting any of VeriPic’s dealers.


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