Create Mugshots with a Better Process

Booking suspects, taking their mugshots, and managing their information can be a long and tedious process. VeriPic makes this process easier by enabling agencies to enter suspect information into the mugshot database, capture their mugshot, and pull their photo from the camera directly into the database while associating it with their information all in one smooth process.

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Generate Photo Lineups in Minutes, Not Days

Reliable, objective photo lineups that consistently comply with departmental policies are a critical component of modern law enforcement. Compiling effective, high quality photo arrays by hand is time-consuming and labor intensive. We built a system to help you generate photo lineups quickly and easily.

Avoid Bias Lineups

Legal challenges to photo lineups often involve the perception of unfair in uence as the result of visually different photos. You can avoid this issue with built-in tools to help eliminate any hint of bias.

Create and Print Posters

Many police matters are urgent. Precious time and resources can be lost on mundane tasks with frustrating, even tragic results. VeriPic understands time is a valuable asset and has enabled users to create Missing and Wanted posters quickly and easily.