Secure, Organize And Document Videos From Body Worn Cameras


The VeriPic Locker is a temporary software repository for Body Worn Camera Videos, Photos and Audio files – like a secure holding tank. A space to sort through those hundreds of media files and declare which ones are going to be evidence and which are not.

  • VeriPic’s Multi-Camera Brand Compatibility ensures long-term “Freedom of Choice”
  • Your agency won’t be tied to one camera brand and its software limits
  • Manage Video files coming from many models of Body Worn Camera
  • Download from a single camera or many, even those in docking stations
  • Leverage your agency’s retention policies
  • View and play videos to establish relevance
  • Review still photos and playback voice recordings
  • Sort evidentiary files from non-evidentiary files
  • Document media with written titles and notes
  • Assign the crime type and case number
  • Search by file name, title, time or keywords
  • Any accidental footage can be labeled as “Private”
  • Submit evidentiary files directly to your Digital Evidence Management system </li
  • Create an “air-tight” system by combining VeriPic Locker and Digital Evidence Manager
  • Agencies can have many Locker kiosks that can each submit to one central DEM computer using VPN
  • A continuous Audit Trail follows the media from “Camera to Courtroom”

Evidence Storage Locker