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We provide Evidence Management solutions and expert guidance to the Law Enforcement community around the world enabling Public Safety professionals to implement Body Worn Cameras.

Evidence management requires specific tools and expertise. Understanding that resources are limited and that every minute counts is key to maximize usability and productivity. Agencies need the most advanced software to fit into their SOPs with as little hassle and change as possible. Along with an implementation process that is quick and simple we provide your organization with a better way to manage evidence. Helping you to save money, secure evidence, enforce access rights, maintain a concrete chain-of-custody, and reduce your workload on managing multiple systems. We allow your agency to actually perform the work that requires your resources’ attention.

Providing agencies with the ability to fulfill all of their evidence management needs, we built a suite of solutions developed in response to the requests of our customers. Digital Evidence Manager, Barcode System, Mug Shot System, and Interview Room System give agencies the specific tools they need to manage the entire set of digital and physical evidence of a case. Collect evidence at a crime scene and document the case using photographs, video, and documents. Book evidence and check it in and out to fulfill evidence requests, maintain an accurate chain of custody, know who is in charge of the evidence at any time, what they do with it and present impactful records during any court action.


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