Capture, Manage, and Share All of Your Digital Evidence Easily and Securely with VeriPic’s Digital Evidence Manager®.


With VeriPic’s client, mobile, and web applications, law enforcement can manage all photos, body worn camera data, standard
and proprietary videos, audio files, and documents in one place, easily and securely wherever you are.

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Tie all of your evidence systems together with Digital Evidence Manager, and make sharing with
your District Attorney and each other
easy and seamless.

Make managing digital evidence easier. Connect your crime scene photos, body worn camera videos, in-car video, records management systems and more, so that you can access all of your case files in one place, fulfill discovery and public records request faster, and do your job more efficiently.

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Choose a body worn camera from us, or any
vendor, and we will manage the data.

Gain the freedom of choice to use any device you need to do your job without the hassle of data migration or the use of multiple systems to manage your body worn camera videos.

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