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VeriPic is a leader in Evidence Management, enabling Law Enforcement to manage all of their data from any system or device in one place. Helping our Public Safety members to better serve their community and answer the different requests of the population in a timely fashion, we put our experience to your agency’s benefits.

Working closely with our customers since 1998, we have created a reputation of trust and security by understanding the specific issues the Public Safety sector faces when managing evidence. This allows us to develop solutions specifically engineered to address and resolve evidence management issues in the best way possible.

Nearly 2 decades ago, VeriPic started designing a product specifically for Law Enforcement just to protect all files that become evidence. After working with Law Enforcement Agencies to develop what they needed to manage digital evidence we came up with a package of capabilities to meet specific needs of our customers. Because these capabilities went well beyond just the simple storage of files, we call this package of capabilities Digital Evidence Management®.

During that time, as we worked to meet the various needs of law enforcement when it came to managing their evidence, we created a suite of products to also address physical evidence, the capture of evidence in the field, interview recordings of witnesses and suspects, the management of inmate information and mugshots, the fulfillment of public requests, and more. We realized that agencies needed to address the segmented issues within their world of evidence. So, we created systems that work together – and with other systems – to solve their evidence management issues.